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At Space Communications Consulting we work with our clients in six key areas of Strategic Communications: 

1. CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS​ encompasses the full range of corporate messaging. We consult on your integrated communications package - including marketing, advertising and corporate communications. We advise on effectiveness, and expenditure, and work with you on the most efficient and effective way to get your message to your audience - to imprint your brand on your target market (External and Internal).

2. Our STAKEHOLDER RELATIONS team assists you in identifying your key stakeholders and the key messages you need to convey to them - as well as the channels through which you need to reach them. Stakeholders can range from one or two groups of  investors, employees, and shareholders, and supply chain partners, to a broad and diverse group of clients and the community at large.

3. Our REPUTATION & CRISIS MANAGEMENT team ensures that your key executives and spokespeople are equipped to deal with all aspects of communication during times of stress and crisis.

4. INVESTOR RELATIONS is prescribed by the law and is strongly focused on regulatory reporting as well as transaction-related communications. We ensure that you reach your key stakeholders - institutional investors, analysts, regulators - in the most efficient, consistent and transparent way possible, while maintaining full deal confidentiality and legal compliance.

5. Our MEDIA RELATIONS team focuses on two areas: ensuring your company is profiled in the right media, and in the right way .. and coaching. Our coaching team from Mindspace Coaching works individually with your key spokespeople to ensure that they understand the independent role of the media in interrogating your business - and how to deal with this  ie. equipping them to convey an independent message to their audiences.

6. Our BRAND VALUATION team has extensive experience in brand analysis, brand valuations and strategic brand advisory. We provide professional valuation services accounting for brand value in the future and historic goodwill. We work closely with you to ensure that your company is opitmising its brand and adding value as a result, and that current profile and campaign expenditure is adding value and totally aligned to your business intent.





Our team of talented creatives takes your strategy, your innovation and your ideas and helps you realise it and get it out there.

We work in all media and across all platforms:  

  • mainstream/traditional media (radio, print, television);  

  • digital and social media (instagram, facebook, twitter, tiktok);

  • community activations (murals, performances, workshops)

  • online broadcasts and webinars.

We operate in association with our established and emerging artists managed by Africa Contemporary Art.

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