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Reputation Management & Investor Relations: More than Value-Add

Reputation and Stakeholder Management

So much of the value of your company is tied up in intangible value - brand, image, reputation. We work with you to maintain and grow your image and brand - and, ultimately, the value of your organisation.

At Space Consulting Communications, we work with you on formal communications campaigns, as well as informal ones. What you say to whom, when and where. How you say it. And most importantly, when to say nothing.

We help you with the strategy and the implementation: From negotiations in meeting to public addresses, from emails to billboards, we help you stay on message and to reach the right people at the right time and in the right way.

At our sister company, Mindspace Coaching, we coach your senior teams on upholding these strategies and ensuring that workplace behaviour mirrors the corporate image.


Investor Relations - Beyond Legislation

Investor Relations is the forgotten step-child in all mergers, acquisitions and company re-structuring. The Corporate Finance advisors and the legal team keep you busy with the deal structure. But who is advising you on how to position your company’s image among your primary stakeholder groups? And how much consideration have you given to the value of your brand, managing your reputation and upholding your image? And when to talk; what to say and when to be totally silent. 

Our team includes legal, corporate finance and communications practitioners who help you find your way through the red tape, while building your reputation in the area that it counts: corporate value.

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