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Take a handful of pragmatism; add a scoop of goal-setting; and a pinch of dreaming; and stir it up with a large amount of motivation. That’s the recipe to successful personal strategising. It helps if you do this under the eye of a skilled coach.

Mindspace Coaching’s personal strategists and coaches work one-on-one with key executives, board directors and management, assisting them in aligning their personal aspirations and goals to those of the organisation.

Our focus is on realistic, measurable, and tangible goals that are meaningful to the coachee, inspirational and exciting.  Our successes - or our clients’ successes - vary from minor behavioural shifts to major life changes - career management and office politics; job and career changes;  house moves; relationship shifts; and health changes - giving up smoking or drinking; weight control and even elective surgery!

​​Our major successes have occurred during times of massive transformation: mergers; acquisitions and even corporate shut-downs. We work with our clients coaching individuals into massive voluntary changes​​.​​​


​​​Our team of coaches has experience in both global multi-nationals and small enterprises, and has worked across the continent, sub-region and globally.

We also lecture on wellness and have honed our skills in some of the most complex and traumatised organisations in the country.

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